Sunday, August 14, 2016

We bought a House!

This past month has been such a whirlwind of emotions mostly happy, but also lots of stress on top of that! I am now 14 weeks pregnant and have just been very tired, all I want to do and have been doing is napping and throwing up, I have not had morning sickness but rather night sickness, after dinner... not fun but I guess better than first thing in the morning.

Before we even found out we were pregnant we were ready to start the process of buying a home, we tried back in 2014 and depleted our savings with making offers going through inspection and then just nothing working in our favor, so we felt with a baby coming it was more than time to start the process again!

We first began with a completely new realtor, we loved our loan officer that we used previously so they actually recommended us to someone who we went with and the process went semi- smoothly, as smoothly as house buying can be right?

We set our budget and then had our realtor send us houses daily that fit in that budget and we would look at the ones that appealed to us, it only took about four houses before we looked at the one we ended up buying, the same day we looked at the house we are in, we looked at another one and it was a lot bigger but needed a lot of work and the foundation and everything of that house was just really off the ceilings were super low, and my husband is 6'1'' so that wasn't going to work, so we went back to the previous house again just me and my husband to look it over and decided to call the relator and make an offer.

After going through some hoops, getting through inspections, and pest etc... everything worked out right in time before the school year starting as my husband and I both work at schools, and having to try to deal with paperwork and such and working during the day was going to be very difficult, we literally moved in less than a week before school was starting August 12th, 2016 we got the keys!

We look forward to making some changes, the whole front and back yard are completely overgrown so that needs to be taken care of, but the inside is all good to go maybe a few updates as time and money allow, excited to paint and decorate!


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