Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Home Tour

I thought before the holidays are over I would share a few of my favorite spots in the house that we decorated this year, this is by far my favorite year that I have decorated this apartment, I just think everything came together nicely.
We didn't go all out this year just a few areas of the house, like the living room, and mostly our bedroom, there were a few things here and there in other parts of the house but we focused our attention on the living room and bedroom.
First up we have the Christmas Tree, this year I realized how small our Christmas Tree is, I'm hoping next year we can buy a taller and more full Christmas Tree, but we have had this one for going on I believe 5 years now and it's just a 6.5inch $19.98 tree from Wal-Mart and it's been going strong every since. I just want something that is a bit more full next year, if you don't pack this one with tons of garland and lights it's very sparse, but non the less I love how it came out this year.
Here are a few close up's of some of the ornaments on the tree. I was hoping this year to make a bunch of DIY ornaments for the tree this year but there was just no time, so I think during the after Christmas sales I am going to pick up some plain plastic ornaments from Michaels to have for next year. The panda ornament is a Betsey Johnson one that I picked up from Macy's 2 years ago on super clearance I think it only ended up being like $3, and the others are also from Macy's
Next up we have the stockings which I know are in a weird spot, but a few days ago my computer and desk were not on the wall where the stockings are, on a whim I moved around the living room, and the Christmas tree was in the corner next to the stockings, but I moved the tree over by our stairs and then there was no where really to hand the stockings so I left them where they are above my computer desk, but it looks alright for now since there are only 6 days till Christmas anyway, I will have to find a better spot for them next year!
Next is my favorite area that I decorated, the top of the book shelf. I took everything else off and put it away until Christmas is over. Justin and I have been collection nativity type pieces for some time now, and last year we decided we needed a main big piece to center everything else around, and I just love the way it came out.
Finally during the after Christmas sales last year I picked up a tube of 50 count ornaments and after decorating the tree in our room there were still some left over so I made a garland out of them and hung it above the bookcase, which my desk actually use to be in that spot, but I still liked it once I moved the bookshelf over there!
Lastly we have our bedroom, which I took pictures of the tree we have in there, but for some reason the bottom half of the lights were not working so the picture didn't look very good, but we did hang some lights above our bed, and also put up a mini Christmas tree on my nightstand.
I just love the way everything came out, show me your holiday house pictures


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