Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Earring Organization

Long time no talk..... I know there really are no excuses for my absences, I mean there are just life got in the way.. working.. spending time with my family, yada, yada. I meant to post more, just I had a bunch of posts scheduled then once those ran up I got super busy and just didn't have time to get on here much, but I'm back and I will try to get on and post at least once a week since the holidays are coming to an end soon. Tomorrow I will be having a small holiday house tour (just some pictures of what we have decorated in the house!

This post was actually meant to go up some time ago but I still had the pictures and I was in the mood to write again so I figured why not start back up with a fun organization post!

If you remember a while back in August I posted on the Jewelry Organization, well since then I have changed up the way I organize my earrings has the picture frame kept falling, so now I have a beautiful frame I need to find something to do with!

I had a 5 drawer container I was using for sample products that I found a home for and decided to use that for my earrings.

Firstly I has some liner left over from lining my kitchen cabinet, so I decided this would make a nice background and mostly to keep the earrings from moving around. I then cut the liner to size matching the size of the drawers perfectly and as easily as that I went ahead and placed my earrings in the drawers, I really like how this turned out!

Leave me some posts with your recent organization projects I would love to see them!


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