Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scrapbook Paper Organization

This post will not be to long it really is just meant to be a quick tip, and something I found that maybe some of you will find useful and want to go pick up.

I'm an avid scrap booker, while I don't have an overwhelming collection, mostly because I buy as I go, but when things are on sale or I find something I love, I do buy it, so my collection of scrapbook paper has grown a little bit, and I was tired of it just being thrown in a drawer, or tucked away where I couldn't see it.

Then one day my husband and I were at the dollar store and I was there looking at organizational baskets and stuff, and then I went over to the school supply section when I saw this mesh paper organizer for $1 and thought this would be perfect!

I basically started by looking at the paper I did have, I threw away scraps that were piling up that I knew were to small to use for anything. I then placed everything back in and I think it looks really nice and organized on my desk!

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  1. I like your blog and your ideas. i´m from Spain. so, sorry my English.


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