Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Themed Magnetic Clothes Pins

Whew, what a mouth full for the title don't you think? I just wasn't sure how to title this without it being really long.

I'm back today with another Fall craft posts, these are mini fall themed clothespins, and I will show you a few ways I used these in my fall home decor!

The following materials you will need are some patterned fall themed paper, I used the leftovers from my Fall Art Project, fall themed punch art tools I chose a leave and pumpkin one just like I used in the fall art project, some mini or regular clothespins, and a hot glue gun!
 The first thing you want to do is make some cut outs with whatever patterned paper you want to use, make a cutout for the front and back on the clothes pin, so I'm using 4 clothespins I cut out 8 shapes.
You basically now just want to hot glue the shapes onto the top of the clothespin.
I knew I wanted to use some of these to hang some leaves onto the fridge so I used some of my magnetic sheet and used my hole punch to make some little circle magnets to attach to the back of the shapes on the clothespins. You may need to use a couple at the top and along the actually clothes pin if you don't want them to slide down the fridge.
I then just took some faux leaves I got from Michael's one bunch went along way because I did a few projects with the leaves. Anyways I just took a few leaves and took the clothespin and pinned them to the leaves and hung a few on the fridge.
I also did the same thing except clothes pinned the leaves to our wedding flutes that are on our bookcase and it just added to the already fall-ness.

Do you love decorating with leaves in the fall?

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