Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cute Construction Paper Pumpkin

October is in full swing and so are all the fall and Halloween crafts. When this time comes around I don't know about all of you but pumpkins are always on my mind, I probably have more pumpkin decor and crafts I've made than any one household needs, but I just can't resist!

This pumpkin craft is so inexpensive you can purchase everything at the dollar store, it's also a cute craft you can do with the kiddos!

You will need the following materials, orange, green and brown construction paper, a pen or pencil, scissors, and glue. I am using my hot glue gun because it dries faster and holds really well, but you can use regular glue to if you don't mind holding each piece until it dries!
The first thing you want to do is cut your orange piece of paper into about 1 inch stripes, make sure you cut between 20-30 to make sure you have enough for the shape of your pumpkin.
After that now you want to wrap each strip about your pen or pencil until you have a nice tight coiled circle.
 Next you want to hold your coil very loosely and begin to allow it to unravel without completely letting go, you want to make sure you now have a large circle with all the coils visible.
Just do this step with each circle, and then hot glue the end piece to the last part of the orange strip so you just have a bunch of coiled circles now! Then just play around with all your circles until you get the shape of a pumpkin!
After you get the shape this is the hard and more time consuming part, you have to hot glue each circle piece to each other on all sides to keep the whole shape together!

After you get that done, you can then take a 5 inch piece of brown paper and fold that in half and hot glue that at the top in between 2 pieces of orange paper.
For the leaves to do the same thing as you did with the stem, just make them longer and hot glue them at the top as well on either side. I also hot glued a piece of string with a loop so I can hang it on the wall by my door entrance.
Have you done any Halloween Crafts this year yet?

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