Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Ipsy Bag

This month my bag was a smidge late than it normally is I think it was just the middle of the month happened to fall during the weekend, so I didn't get it until the 16th, and my show room was ready before I got my bag so I had to try so hard not to look at what I got because I always like it to be a surprise! I was so excited with what I got this month! If your interested is join click here!

This bag mind you is only $10 with tax for I believe for me it's $10.75 in total. Every month I am always impressed with the amount of full size products and this month was amazing with full size and even just the sample sizes are amazing, you actually get more than 2 use out of them!

The first product the I instantly saw when I opened my bag was the Butter London Nail Polish, now if you know we at all you no that I love me some nail polish, I have a post on the nail polish organization here, so of course I was excited to see this, and I have never bought a Butter London nail polish mainly because they are $15 a piece, but I have heard so many great things! Before I even started taking pictures for this post I applied this to my nails! I got the color La Moss, it's a gorgeous dark vampy nail polish, I applied 2 coats, but it looks great with just one it's just not as red and opaque. It's super smooth, and dried really fast, and so far no chipping!

Next product that caught my eye was the NYX eye shadow mainly because I already own like 10 of these because they apply great and they are super affordable single eye shadows. I got the color Nutmeg which I actually didn't own so I was super exited about that. This color is just as the name describes it's a nutmeg color, perfect in the crease for fall!
Almost every bag I get a mascara which I appreciate because I haven't had to buy a new one from the store in forever and I've had the chance to be able to try many mascara brands, the one I recieved in this bag is called It's so Big by Elizabeth Mott, this is a volumizing mascara. I thought it worked great, I loved the formula I felt like the last mascara they sent me was a very dry formula and I'm not a big fan of that, I like it to be wet. Overall thought it held all day, and I liked the fact that it was build able but didn't clump and washed off very easily!
Ipsy included a lot of either eyeliner or lip liners in their bags, and I'm so grateful that I got an eyeliner this time, last time I got a lip liner and typically I don't wear anything on my lips other than lip balms, and tinted lip balms! I received the Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian. I love the eyeliner, it went on very smooth and was creamy, and it didn't smudge throughout the day!

The last item I received was the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple. This was probably my least favorite item, I was first excited because it said it was a lip balm, but it acts more like a lip stain. It's not moisturizing on the lips at all, and it stains the lips when you apply, I don't like a lot of color on my lips I don't know why I just have never been a fan of lipsticks and such. If this was more like a lip balm on the lips I probably would have loved it!

Overall thought for the $10 price tag, my bag was worth and estimated total of $50.50
The nail polish was one ML over being half sized, Butter London runs for $15 for full size, but a 6ml bottle is worth about $8. The lip tint I believe is full size, the website didn't have the size, but it looked to be the same size as on the website so this was $19. The eyeliner is also full size so this is $12. The mascara for a full size it was 10ml and $19.99, the sample I got is 4ml so it's about $6-7, and then the eye shadow is full size and on the NYX website they are $4.50!

This was not just this month it's every month consistently they go above and beyond and you most definitely get you money's worth! 

Click here to join, and let me know if you do!

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  2. I got the same products you did! Except my NYX shadow was a dark purple.


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