Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick trip to Crater Lake

My husband and I have been wanting to go up to Crater Lake for sometime now since it's only a 4 hour drive from our city, & this summer was time to finally go, and then things kept happening, weather wasn't good there, ahh and then this weekend we decided to give it one last check to see what it would be like before summer over, and 68 degrees we were game!

So we set out Friday Morning at the lovely time of 6 am to begin to head over there so we have plenty of time to get over do some hiking and then hit the road back home before it got dark, so that's what we did!

The first trail we did was called Cleetwood Cove Trail, this is the only trail in the whole park that gives you access to the water, so of course we had to do this trail, why go if your not going to actually get to the bottom with the water right?

The view was absolutely amazing from all sides when we first got there it was hard to even take a bad picture! The water so blue, I just couldn't stop staring while we were there it was amazing!


We also did another trail that took us to the Plaikni Falls which was just a short walk until you got the falls, which was beautiful as well, the water was freezing!


We did a few other trails while we were there, but I did not get many good pictures, overall it was a relaxing day filled with amazing beauty, I can't wait to go back again!


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