Tuesday, September 17, 2013

JCP $2 Decor Pillows

That's right you read the title right, I got 2 Jcpenny decor pillows that were originally $28 a piece for under $2 for the both of them! I am always on the hunt for decor pillows weather for the living room, or the mater bedroom it's hard to come across great pillows for a great price. I don't know if anybody is like me but I can't even think to drop $50 on one pillow even $28 is too much without a coupon or some sort.

My birthday is or was September 11th, so for having a Jcpenny credit card you get a birthday coupon that you can use the month of your birthday, so I actually went the first of September because they were also having their labor day sale so I had a 20% off coupon and my $15 birthday coupon, so many amazing deals I knew I could get something good. 

I probably spent a good hour just looking at everything from clothes to shoes, jewelry, and then I got into the home department, our Jcpenny has recently been remodeling and they have been bringing in a ton of amazing brands I just go gaga over the home department every time I go in!

Anyways, back to the pillows they had a bunch on sale and clearance during the Labor Day sale, there were many I saw that I loved but there was only one of them, and I knew I wanted at least a set as in 2 matching pillows. That's when I saw the silver pillows and they had a $13.99 sale sticker on them so with my 20% off and my $15 off coupon I would have to pay about $8 for these pillows so I was all over it. 

When I got to the register they were ringing up full price, and I was like "oh great I'm going to have to put them back and try to find something else", and mind you I was like in love with these pillows at this point. I mentioned to the sales associate that there was a price sticker on each pillow and luckily he gave them to me at that price and then because they rang up wrong on the register instead of $13.99 he gave them to me for $10.49! SCORE! So now with my 20% off and $15 rewards care that put me at $1.74 plus tax, seriously I don't think you can do much better than that for 2 decor pillows at a department store!

I just wanted to thank Jcpenny, for such amazing sale associates who honor the prices that are on the items, most places they either won't and have to put the item in back, or they will take forever to go check and make sure or talk among other associates about it! I thought this was great and seriously made by day!

I think the silver looks great with my dark blue pillows on my black couch! I just really love it and couldn't be happier, I wanted to bring another color into the room just wasn't sure what would go until I brought these pillows in!

I believe my dog approves to!
I've gone in several more times since and they always have amazing clearance in the home department, if your looking for great prices check out Jcpenny!

I was not paid to make this post, I was just super excited about my new pillows and just wanted to let everyone else know to go check out their clearance because you can get really great stuff for a great price!

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  1. Aw I love their home department as well! Such a great deal you got here :)


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  3. oh my gosh what an awesome deal!!! I also just had to comment how funny it is that today I was trying to figure out how to find a bunch of link parties and I read your blog daily and don't know how I never realized that you have a HUGE list of them! I am new at blogging and don't have much up right now but as I'm sure you know, it's a great way to find new people and share your ideas. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking the time to compile an awesome list!!

    Lisa Perkins

    1. Thank you so much for being a loyal reader I appreciate it! I will definitely go check out your blog!

  4. You really scored a great deal on some terrific looking pillows! I am such a clearance junkie, I almost embarrass myself. Besides Penneys having good clearance items, I love Kohls and Target too!I hunt down those end caps everywhere for great buys. I try to look at things that could be changed with fabric or some other special touch if it isn't "perfect" for my home.

    1. I love target, I can't go in there without coming out with something from the home section!

  5. wow, that is an AWESOME deal!! what luck!

    Stopping by from the Grab a friend blog hop. Following you via GFC, twitter & bloglovin!

  6. My birthday is Sept 11., also. You are a shopper after my own heart. Great buy.


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