Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feeling Fall

The past few days I seriously have been in a Fall mood, all of a sudden I'm pinning a million projects for the fall time and Halloween! OMG HALLOWEEN! I can't to start doing Halloween crafts! I think just in general  the holidays get my excited for crafting and decorating the house every month for the new holidays and winter season! Is anybody else as excited as me about fall?

I'm already working on a few ideas for crafts and decorations I want to do my the fall season and Halloween, I'm currently working on a list for Michael's and Jo-Ann's of stuff I will need to pick up this next week! I'm hoping to get some fall posts up in the second week of September since the first offical day of fall is September 21st. 

I'm not sure why I always get in this mode, when here in Norther California the weather for the next 2 weeks is still showing high 90's, I think it's the face I'm in the retail world and we begin doing all the hiring in Late September through November for the Holiday season, and we are already getting trucks in with Christmas Ornaments! Soon the Christmas music will be playing!

Anyway below are a few projects I pinned that have inspired me to get started, or some projects I will most likely be completing!

Is this sparkly painted pumpkin not the cutest thing? I also love the green in the candles, love that it brings in the Halloween colors, but not in a scary way!

Love this fall mantel, I'm so jealous of anyone who has a fireplace and can create amazing mantels, that's one thing I will not sacrifice on when we buy a house, I want a fireplace so bad so I can change it out every season, and of course snuggle by the fire with hot chocolate on cold night!

I love these framed leaves, this is such an easy and inexpensive project if you alread have frames, just grab some leaves out of your yard and frame them! I'm so going to be doing this!

This is the same idea as the framed leaves, but spelling out the word fall, or really anything word you want to, you can just use some cute scrapbook paper on the background and add some letters, or print the letters onto the scrapbook paper!

This year I'm really wanting to create some sort of fall banner, this one I found is so cute!

These are just a few I came across, if you just Google, or Pinterest Fall DIY, or Halloween DIY, you will come up with a million and 1 ideas!

When are you planning to begin working on fall crafts or getting your house fall ready? Are you working on this now, or waiting for September 21st, first official day of fall? Do you already have fall crafts done, link them below I would love to see them!


  1. OMG! Its so pretty! Thank you for compiling this for us!



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