Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Mantel.. kinda of

This past weekend I worked on getting my house fall ready, this started with the fuax mantel. While I wish I had a fire place mantel I just don't in my apartment, I get so jealous when I see everyone's fun mantels for every holiday and season, and thought I could create my own! We have 2 bookshelves pushed together to create a long book shelve on our wall in the living room. So I thought why not just use the top as my mantel, so that's what I did and I think it actually came out pretty good!

So basically I took some stuff away and just replaced it with my fall decor! I use to have a few pictures frames at the top and my scrapbook display stand, but I put those away and replaced it with my diy pumpkin, and a metal pumpkin I got from Michael's recently. I also bought some leaf garland from Michael's I think it was around $5.99 for 6 feet not to shabby. Overall I just really like the way it turned out I will be using the top of my book shelve for my Christmas decor as well!

What do you think too much fall is one place or is it just right? I will be featuring more fall/Halloween decor posts soon, I just love these pillows I recently got so I will be featuring another section on the living that we have made over for fall!

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  1. I love how you pulled all the colors together! Thanks for sharing this post on Tickled Pink Times Two!


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