Friday, September 6, 2013

DIY Wall Quote Art

I have been working on the wall that my desk faces, before it use to be just a blank wall and slowly I am working on adding to it so it's a fun place to look at while I'm working!

One of my favorite quotes is "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible!". This just means a lot to me because I have so many goals and hopes in life and this just gives me inspiration that nothing is impossible you just have to go for it, and work for it, so I really wanted to find a way to add this to my wall somehow!

So I thought why not make some wall art out of it so that it was I did!

Firstly, the materials you will need are as follows:
1. Item you want to actually put your quote on, ie, piece of wood, glass etc... ( I actually had an old frame that was broken so I took the plastic piece that was the back of the frame to hang on the wall, so it's clean)
2. Paint of your choice
3. Scrapbook Letters

Total Cost: Free ( I used items I already had on hand for this project!

The first thing I did was paint several coats of paint on the frame, this took me around 3-4 because it was clear, and I was using acrylic paint which takes a few coats to cover and make opaque. You can always use different paint, or even spray paint would work amazing if you have a color you love on hand, I just used whatever I had on hand!
The next step was to figure out what quote or saying or whatever letters you want to put on your wall, since I already had mine in mind I began to cut the letters from the sheet leaving the white back still on.

Once you have all your letters cut out and your paint is dry, begin to place your letters on your frame so you can see where you want the placement to be, this is why we left the white on so we didn't have to stick them and then worry about trying to move them and messing up the paint.

Once that is done, all that's really left to do is remove the white backs from each stickers and begin to stick them in place.

Now it's time to hang your mater piece.

This project is so easy, because you can really use anything that you can place letters on, and that can be painted, and instead of painting you could always cover your area in scrapbook paper, and all the letters! There are so many different ways you can go about making Quote Wall Art!

Have you created any wall art lately? Are you working on a gallery space?
Let me know I would love to check it out!

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