Sunday, September 8, 2013

DIY Heart Garland

I felt like the way where I face when I am at my desk needed something else in the mini gallery area I have been working on, so during my recent trip to Michael's I picked up a Heart Stamp Cutter from Martha Stewart (seriously love this, I want to go back and get every shape), I decided I would make a mini heart garland strand for my wall!

I just love this idea, it's so versatile as you can make this for a birthday party, or during valentines day, or as just cute decor somewhere in your home!

The materials you will need are below, you will need some colored paper of your choice, needle and thread, and some sort of shape cutter, or you can free hand your hearts or even use a cookie cutter! I love this Martha Stewart hand help cutter I got from Michael's! They are $9.99, but they had 40% off, and of course I had a coupon so I got a great deal, I want to go pick up a few more!
What I like about the Martha Stewart cutter is you can see where you are cutting, so if you had pattern paper and wanted to see what the pattern will look like before you cut you just stick the paper in, turn the cutter around, and then you can move it around and see what the heart will look like! I'm just using regular solid paper so I just cut it right along the edge so I didn't waste any paper!

Go ahead and cut a line of hearts with all colors of paper, depending if you want to make long or short garland cut what you think you will need!

Now you can begin threading each heart onto the string, I used your basic tiny thread that comes in a small sewing kit, I think next time I do this I may try a thicker thread just so it's easier to tie a knot and work with!

Basically all I did was thread the needle and string through the center of the heart, I then tied a knot in the back so it wouldn't come through, I then tied another knot at the base, or the front and the back once the thread went through. Just keep following these steps until your garland is as long as you would like it to be.

Next I began to make another knot about an inch away from the first heart, this is where the next heart is going to go, and basically I just repeated the steps, make a hold, thread through the heart, make another hole so that way it can move around because there will be a knot in the back of the heart and in front!

Now you can just hang it out, I just used a small piece of tape on the back of the first and last heart to keep it up on the wall!

I love this, I know it's not perfect it was my first time attempting to sew something like paper, luckily I like the paper I got from Michael's it's a little thicker than just plain paper which probably would have ripped when poking the needle through!

Have you made any garland strands out of anything recently? I just love this idea for a birthday and I will so be doing a lot of these during valentines day!

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  1. Super cute idea! Thanks for linking up to The DIY'ers!

  2. How cute! Love it! Thanks for sharing!Would love to have you visit my blog sometime.
    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. I just made one of these with houses for our housewarming party and love how it turned out. Thanks for the idea to use hearts, that should work for really any party!


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