Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY Fall Themed Art

Getting into the fall time spirit I knew I wanted to do another fall craft, I really wanted something I could hang on the wall or display on a mantel! After making my DIY Heart Garland, an idea popped into my head using the same type of cut out tool. I loved the heart one I got by Martha Stewart at Michael's only when I went back they had no pumpkin or fall themed one's anywhere at Michael's, so I checked a few other places and finally found a 2 pack Target by the Brand EK Tools I believe, anyways the pack came with a small shaped pumpkin and a leave cut out tool, I thought this would be perfect and for the 2 of them it was only $7.99!

The materials you will need are a picture frame, I love Goodwill for these they are so inexpensive and they always have a great selection I picked up my frame for $.99. You will also need the cutout tools, like I said before I got mine for Target for $7.99, then you will also need a plain sheet of construction paper in the color of your choice, I just choose brown, and finally some fall themed pattern paper, the pack I got is from Michael's it has 48 sheets and it was $5.99. While most of the products I did not have on hand at the time, so this project did cost me a little more, but now that I have all these products I can do so many projects now! Also you will need some form of glue to stick your cutouts to the paper, I just have Martha Stewart small hot glue fun!

Basically now you just want to make a bunch of cutouts in the pumpkin and leave shapes in all your different patterned paper! Cutout more than you think you will need, the shapes I used were fairly small so I needed a lot of them to fill out the paper, if your using a bigger cutout shape then obviously you won't need as many shapes.
As you can see in comparison to the paper the shapes are very small, they were actually smaller than I thought but it still works. After you get all your shapes cut out, you can then begin to start making a row and start placing them where you want them, and then you can begin to hot glue the shapes in place on the paper.
I just went back and fourth between a row of pumpkin cutouts and a row of leave cutouts!
This is the final product with all the cutouts glued onto the paper, now it's time to put it in the frame!
It was hard to take a picture because the light was super bright from the window, so in the final pictures you can clearly see me in the picture taking the picture, but you get the idea of the final product!

Have you done any fall, or Halloween crafts yet? If so leave them in a comment below I would love to check them out!

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  1. Super cute - gotta find those little punches!

  2. Very cute. I love the different patterns of the paper.

  3. SO cute! The fall patterned paper from Michael's is a fantastic find.

  4. I love your Fall art!! Very smart :) Thanks for sharing this post on Tickled Pink Times Two!

  5. such a cute project! feel free to post it to the Fall Crafts Blog Hop today!


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