Thursday, September 12, 2013

Desk Drawer Organization

So you may remember my New Desk/Office Area that I posted not to long ago, well while working on making the top and outside of the desk pretty, I neglected the desk drawer, I had a great plan in the beginning using boxes I covered in scrapbook paper for cute bins to hold all my little things! If you would like a little tutorial or step by step on how I covered the boxes just let me know!

Anyways so as you can see by the picture I was just throwing things in there, the drawer so nearly impossible to open once it was closed, and I thought enough was enough something needs to be done! So I gathered as many boxes that I had been saving began covering them to make all the bins for inside the desk!
As you can see it looks somewhat organized with the bins, but it's not at all, and look at the junk in the back just piling up! Ah, it was stressful to look at!

Basically the first thing with any organization project is still clear the contents of the area out, this will help to actually see what you have, so you can organize, de-clutter, figure out what is garbage or what you would like to donate!
The first thing I did was start putting all the containers I made and I paper clipped them together so when I open and close the drawer they don't slide all around.

Next I began to categorize everything I had and then began filling each container

It took a few times rearranging the drawers to get it how I liked, the back of the drawer still needs a little work, I just have some letters and a few papers and notebooks back there, I need to find a wide box that can fit back there to hold all that stuff! I also still want to line the drawer with either some wall paper, or wrapping paper of some sort to add that extra pop!

I just love how it's coming I just need to save some more boxes, which I have become obsessed with!

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  1. must try this.. My drawer is so wrecked!


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