Sunday, September 22, 2013

Closet Organization

I seem to change the way my closet is organized at lease once a month and every time when I think I got it just right it seems to get even more messy than than the last way I had it organized, just nothing seemed to work, so I decided enough was enough I knew I needed to start from scratch.

My husband and I live in an apartment and sadly our master bedroom has no amazing walk in closet, it's actually just your typical run on the mill one wall closet, I do like this closet though because it does take up a wall, so it is very long which is good for space, and it's actually wide enough to have floor space, so for not having a walk in closet it does it's job holding all my stuff. My task was just to really make the space work and I knew there had to be a way!

Here is what I was working with before I've actually had it this way for some time no and it was kind of working I just noticed it would get messy fast and I would just throw stuff on the bins!
As you can see not to bad of a set up overall, but all the junk on the shelves needed to go, it was supposed to be an area for my shoes and purses, but the shelves are super high and i'm only 5', so if I wanted to get anything I either needed to jump, or go all the way downstairs and get a chair to stand on, let's just stay I was over that. Overall, everything the way the closet was organized just felt cluttered!

Stay tuned next Sunday I will be posting about all my tips for organizing and de-cluttering your closet!

The first thing I did was take everything out of the closet and put it on my bed, or any open area in my bedroom, it doesn't look like a lot is in there but when I took everything out I was surprised how much crap I had jam packed into this closet!

So after getting everything out of the closet, I was then left with huge piles of stuff on my bed and just stuff every where in my room, but now I had a fresh space to work with.
My next step was to take a look at the issues I was having and finding a way to resolve them! A few of these were just overall clutter because I didn't have the proper organizing tools to make this closet work. My shoes were everywhere, I did not have a show organizer so this was number one on things I needed to add to the closet. I also wanted to eliminate one of those plastic 3 drawer bins, so that meant I needed to buy some pant hangers!
I also knew that I no longer wanted my makeup set up in the middle of the closet I wanted to have that and accessories in their own corner on the closet, which also meant getting rid of one of those bins!

So off I was to Walmart and only $25 to spend, could I get what I needed on this? I sure did, the first thing I picked up was the Mainstays brand 2-tier expandable shoe rack for $10.96, Seriously I had no idea how much I would love this thing, I was just thinking I probably wouldn't even expand it, but with all my shoes I was so glad it expanded as for as it did, because I can fit so many of my shoes on this. Next I picked up 4 sets of 2 wooden hangers for $2.57 each. I need to go back and get some more as they only had 4 left when I went, but they are actually really great quality and I love the dark wood! So in total it was $21.34 plus tax, not to shabby!

So to begin on my accessory corner I began by taking a rack I actually bought at the dollar store quite some time ago and hanging it on the left side wall in my closet, this is actually the same hook rack I am using to hang my necklaces on as well! For only $1 they are durable and it comes with the screws!

So I used one of these to hang my handbags on so I could have easy access to them, and plus I thought it looked cute! Then I moved over my accessories into the same corner so they are not in the middle of my closet, and so far I have something like this going on.
I then took started moving on to the rest of the closet, I knew I wanted my shoe rack that I bought to go in the middle, so I put that together and expanded it all the way out, and began to put my shoes on it, and I just love the way it looks!
Since I did not have enough space for my bigger boots I went ahead and put those on the left shelve in my closet keeping the boots in the boxes they came in. Since it doesn't start getting cold here in Northern California until late October I will keep boots up there for now, and then I think when it comes time for boot weather everyday I will move my sandals to the top and boots onto the rack.
Now it was time to hang all my clothes back up onto the right side which is where I had room to hang all my clothes which was the perfect amount of space.
It may looked a little cramp, and well to be honesty it is just a tad, but I need to go through my clothes again and figure out what I want to get rid of, I usually try to do this every other month or so, but by the time I got to really start getting things done in the closet it was going on 10pm, so sorry if these pictures are a little bit bad quality.
Anyways in the very back I put all my hoodies, and zip up sweaters, then went to long sleeve shirts and cardigans, then to short sleeve shirts, dresses, skirts, and tank tops and finally jeans in the front, and then my massive scarf holder collection. Then in between in each category I have things colorized from darkest to lightest. This system has always worked for me I like keeping all my hung clothes close even if it may be a little cramped I know some people like to space there stuff out and I tried this last time with my organization and I just didn't like it!

Finally on the shelve above my clothes I have a cute bin to hold extra hangers and just a pair of boots I moved up there so I could put different shoes on the rack and found later.

So there you have it my organized closet, so far I am loving it and its working out great, no more clutter and I can find everything much easier which means I get to sleep in a little bit longer in the mornings because i'm not searching for things. It's a win win!

Show me your closet organization, because if you know me no matter how this system is working for me I will probably be changing it up in about a month, because that's me I love changing things up I get bored with the same system!

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  1. Gee wish I had just that many clothes. My closet is a mess with clothes and then I've got 4 huge wardrobe boxes full o winter clothes. I know to many clothes you say. But I need them I tell myself. How do you downsize? I was size 26-28 for so long and now size 12. I can buy off the rack(resale )mostly now days.Makes my money stretch so much more.

  2. Wow what a tough job to take everything out and put it back in, great outcome! But I can't help but think that your jewelry is taking up precious space in your closet and that your clothes could slide on down to cover that area.


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