Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spice Storage

Organizing spices is our hard in an apartment with almost zero cabinets(we can barley fit our food and dishes in the few cabinets we do have). So we have to be creative with our space and where we put storage without it looked cluttered!

The first place I store our spices and baking ingredients are in these amazing containers I purchased at the Goodwill, all in new packaging never opened! They all came in a set of 3, so each set came with a large container, a medium and a smaller container! The first time I only picked up 2 of these, then I got home and realized how great they were I went back the next day and picked up what was left! I filled them according to what we had, so natural things we had a lot of such as flour, and sugar went in the bigger containers, and things we didn't have as much went into the medium and smaller containers. These containers have been awesome, unfortunately I don't have the brand of these I wish I did! Since they came packaged still I looked up the brand on Google to see if I could still purchase these again in the future and the brand was non existent. I did find some similar on amazon but they were in different colors! I love the orange trim because for our kitchen our pop of color in orange and this brings the perfect amount!

I also purchased some cute stickers that I could place on the tops to write on! So I could easily see what I needed! These were not my ideal stickers I really wanted some chalkboard ones but at the time I was unsuccessful at finding some, but maybe with a new trip I will find something better and update you all if anything changes!

The next place I store our spices are on a shelf we put in above the stove. We keep spices we use frequently since it's right near the stove we have easy access to the items we use most!

We also have a 2 of the traditional turn table spice storage wheels, these actually hold spices we don't use to frequently! Put they are still handy then having a million little bottles all over the place!

I would love to see your spice storage link it in the comments below and I will check it out!

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  1. Ooh, love those containers. Perfect for the storage of spices and such.


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