Friday, August 9, 2013

Organizing the Everything Closet

In our 1300 sq foot apartment we actually have a lot of space to work with, however the storage in the apartment is terrible we don't have many closets, cupboard space etc... however luckily in this house because there are stairs leading to the upstairs they were smart and used that space to create a long under the stairs closet, that works great for storing all our things we don't use on a daily basis such as all our holiday decor, camping stuff, and any other things we just needed to store away so they weren't out in the open!

I don't know how many times I have re-arranged this closet and gone through it, but it becomes the catch-all area and we just throw everything in here, so I knew it was time to get in there and see what we had going on. Below are the before pictures of what the space looked like!


As you can see it's a chaotic mess, everything is thrown in and stacked super high with who knows what! So like any good clean-out, the first step is to take everything out so you can see what you have and begin to go threw everything.

So we took everything out and had it all sprawled in the living room, of course we made a keep pile, a throw away pile and a donate pile! Of course we kept most of it as this is mainly all our holiday decor, we did mange to throw out a crate of garbage, and donate those golf clubs, and 2 bins full of stuff we decided we no longer needed, or used anymore!

After all that was said and done we began to put everything back in the closet this time in a manner where if we needed to get in there we could easily with a walk through area. So below are the after pictures, I know not the best pictures but you get the idea, we have space to walk in there now and get anything we may need easily without everything toppling over!


Everything for the most part is nice and orderly, there are still some things in the back like all those big pictures that i'm trying to sell on craigslist because they don't go with any decor in our house anymore, and there are not big stacks of stuff filled to the top of the closet! We also house our vacuum and mop bucket in here so those are not in the laundry room or kitchen and out of site!

Have you tackled any crazy closet chaos? If so I would love to see some before and after photos, link your blog in the comments below and I will check it out! Also if you follow my blog please let me know I always follow back!

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