Thursday, August 1, 2013

Organized Makeup Station

There are so many fun ways to organize your makeup whether you have a small or large collection. I feel like my collection is in between so I needed decent storage to be able to hold everything. I don't have space in my bathroom to hold all my makeup and I love my counters to be clear and simple!

I found a three drawer roller cart on sale for $20 at Walmart and picked it up because I knew this would be perfect to store my makeup in. I also on hand had a 3 drawer sterlite container that I'm using to hold lotions and hair products. Atop the 3 drawer container I have a 5 drawer smaller container that holds all my beauty samples from ordering online, and my monthly beauty subscriptions. 

I keep my mirror, a hand sanitizer and all my perfumes on top, I think it makes the space look girly and pretty and also accessible.! Now going into the actually drawers I have white organizers that I have had for years that I got from Walmart 3 for $1, I believe they still sell these except I think now they are 3 for $2 or something a little more, but still a great value.

 In my first drawer I keep all my foundations, primers and concealers in the long basket. The basket on the left is where I keep all my blushes(yes I'm aware I have way to many blushes). In the far back is where I keep most of my powders, and bronzers!

In the second drawer I have four baskets in the left front basket this is where I keep my eye primers, eye bases and miscellaneous eye shadow brands. In the right front basket this is where I keep all my eyeliners, mascaras, and other tools like my eyelash curler, tweezers and my spooly brush. In the left top basket is where I keep all my ELF mineral eye shadows. Finally in the top right basket I have all my MAC eye shadows and some NYX eye shadows.

The final drawer of makeup is not as organized as I would like it to be but I sort of ran out of room. In the back you can see a basket that is where I keep all my lip products. I don't have an insane amount because I don't really like lip products I tend to just use a lip balm or tinted lip balm. In the front all our my palettes, most are eye shadow palettes ranging from Urban Decay, Too Faced, ELF, Coastal Scents,  and every drugstore brand palette you can think of. I have lots of palettes because they are so easy all the colors are there, they are easy to travel with, finally it's always a better deal to buy palettes than single eye shadows because you get more for your money.

Moving on to my next storage section. Like I said in this smaller storage this is where I keep all my sample products that I have not yet tried!

In my first drawer of 3 in the bigger container this is where I hold random body mists I don't use to often, a few bigger lotions, and my tanning lotions

Second drawer is where I house all my Bath & Body Works lotions. I'm a bit of a hoarding on these as well, I usually stock up when they have their semi-annual sales and they are $3 a piece!

Finally last drawer is all my hair products, I'm not big on doing my hair very fancy I don't like to spend a lot of time unless I'm going somewhere special. Since I have flat straight hair I do like to add a little volume so I mainly have hairspray and some mouse.

TIPS: If you have a smaller collection, try using cute bowls or trays to store your makeup in, those always look super cute on a dresser! If you have a very large collection the The Alex Drawers from Ikea would work great,there is always a 9 drawer one as well. Good luck organizing, remember please send me links to your organizing projects I would love to see them!

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  1. Killer organization skills!! Love that you have a place for everything! Started following you on Bloglovin!

    1. Thanks so much, I just checked out your blog and followed you on Bloglovin as well!

  2. BEAUTIFULLY organized! Great ideas! I keep mine in drawers - but, I could use some containers - inspiring post, I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  3. I so need to do something like this! My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment and for some reason I STILL have my makeup sitting in Ziploc bags in a basket. I can easily just put them in the basket without the Ziplocs but I have yet to find the motivation haha... we've been here for three months already. :o

  4. This is great!! I am wanting to do something like this on top of my dresser!!


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