Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mod Podge Glitter Bookcase

I have been seeing so many amazing projects using Mod Podge and glitter, I have been waiting for some inspiration to come through on where I could do a project in my house and then one day it hit me, I have two 6 cubicle shelves put together to create a book shelve effect, and thought it would be perfect to glitter the outsides with glitter! BAM! I had an idea now just to get down to business!

I bought everything at Michael's minus the bowl which I used from my kitchen, right now Michael's has a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase so my mod podge kit, and glitter came to a running total of $4, SCORE! Basically all I did was pour about half the bottle of mod podge into the bowl and mixed the glitter in. Once it dries to get an amazing glitter effect that becomes hard and doesn't come off like if you use regular glue! It's that easy, below are a few shots I took off the bookshelf, Sorry I could not get a good shot from a far, you could barely see the glitter with my camera, but there are lots of close ups!
Some parts came out a little bit chunky, so I think I will take a bit of hot water and a rag and re-do some of those spots! 


Have you done any projects using mod podge, glitter, or both! It's so much much, and now that I have done my first mod podge project you can expect to see more on here!

UPDATE: I added another 2 coats since I wanted it to really be a strip of gold glitter all the way around, so here are some updated pictures! I know some of the pictures make it look like some areas are sparse, its the lighting, but it looks really good. I'm thinking about trying out one more coat and that should do it! I'll see how I like it, I may just try and do some washi tape!

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  1. How fun. Who doesn't love glitter. I would love it if you would share this over at my link party that is going on right now.

    1. Thanks so much, and thanks for letting me know about the link party!


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