Sunday, August 18, 2013

Laundry Room Update

If you all remember from my Laundry Inspiration Post, I was wanting to re-do my laundry room. I rent so I can't make any major changes, but I wanted to make it more organized and just overall a happier place to be in, before this was pretty much the junk room, we put anything and everything in here that didn't have a home!

Right after I made that first inpiration work, the first step I took was to write out a plan on how I wanted my laundry room to look and where I wanted to put stuff, so below is my lovely drawing of both sides of the room.

So much of my laundry room makeover consisted of me buying baskets, bins, and jars etc... While I wanted to wait to buy those things until I really figured out how many I needed I decided I wanted to do the makeover in steps, first was to de-clutter and get rid of things, relocate, and just overall clean the room!

Below are some before pictures of what I started with from the begining.
So that was what I originally started with, I gradually made progress clearing it out, and then I ended up with this.

Still needed some work, I had the weekend off so all day yesterday I worked on clearing everything off the shelves, giving them a good scrub down, and finally figuring out where exactly I wanted everything!
I reorganized everything and this is where I am at now with my laundry room update, still some more things I want to accomplish such as more baskets and bins for storage, I eventually want to make an area for linens and such! Also some cute jars for laundry detergent and I would like to get some bins for the dog and cat food so I can get rid of the bulky bags!

I think I have made some great progress, in another week or so we shall so were I am at, I'm hoping to add some cute touches.

Here is a list of things I would still love to do in here
1. Get some baskets, bins and jars
2. Bins for dog and cat food.
3. Hooks
4. Art Work
5. Whatever else comes to mind!

I would love to see the progress you are making or have made of a room in your house!

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  1. I need to reorganize mine too :( Cute blog!
    New follower here, hoping you'll stop by my blog and say hello and follow back :)

    1. yah, it's always a work in progress! Thank you so much for following, I followed back!

  2. This is definitely what I need to do. First, I need to shelves behind the washer and dryer. Then, I need to do some serious cleaning up in the basement area. This looks very, very neat!


  3. You are definitely well on your way! GO YOU! I need to commit to one room and just get er done, instead of having all the rooms half done! #fail THANK YOU for linkin up to Sunday FUNday! I appreciate you and hope to see you again this weekend! XO

  4. Looks great so far! I have to do the same thing in mine. :)

  5. Good work. I suggest antique tins for the cat and dog food. Garage sales are fun to find things like that. Glass jars are fun too for the odd things. What a difference you have made already

  6. I love laundry room organizing. I just moved into a place of my own and can't wait to get around to it. unfortunately mine is used for a lot of storage (think big blue Rubbermaid totes) but I'll have to do what I can! :)

  7. Isn't it fun to get your home organized?? I can't wait to see what else you do to your laundry room!!


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