Thursday, August 1, 2013

$5 Target Floor Vase

I have been wanting a floor vase for some time now since I have been re doing my living room. I have been looking around and most floor vases even at target were upwards up $100, there was no way I wanted to pay that much! 

I usually try to go into Target once a week to look around at the new items and also the new mark downs on home accessories. To my surprise I saw this beautiful white vase that was the perfect height and it was the last one left, so I thought it might have been put in the wrong spot by a customer, so with a beating nervous heart hoping that this item is a clearance item I look to the bottom and to my surprise there is a sticker that says $5.24!!!!! NO WAY RIGHT? I ran to the scanner to make sure this wasn't miss priced and when the price came up it said $5.24, mind you this case was originally $39.99 such a great deal at just about 87% off the original price!

I thought I would just share this with you all since I found it not long ago it may still be available at your Target if your interested!

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  1. What an awesome find! What would we ever do without Target! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Have a great weekend!


  2. Lucky you! I've also been looking for a large floor vase so I will have to scope out my local Target. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is the steal of a century! The huge floor vases are usually super expensive!


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