Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amazing Goodwill Finds

 Every since our town has opened a Goodwill I have been addicted, I go in at least once a week to just peek around and see what they have since it changes daily! Some of my favorite items to look for are books, cute kitchen items, decorator piece, and I love looking at the furniture since I'm always up for changing things around the house if I can find something for inexpensive that works better than what I have. Many of my recent finds have been from their 50% off sales they had labor day and the 4th of July. WHAT??! 50% off yes that's right everything was 50% and prices are already great!

I found so many great books that I just had to buy them all while they were 50% off, at my Goodwill soft cover books are normally $1.49 and hardcover books are $2.49 which are awesome deals since even at Walmart books are upwards of $8-12 for a softcover and more for a hardcover. So all the books I got were either $.75 or $1.25.

I also found some super cute home stuff and a napkin holder I could not resist for only $1 The vase I actually found after I purchased one at a recent Ikea trip, so I picked up a matching one from goodwill for only $.49! I also found 3 little jars for $.49 each that I will use in the bathroom or anywhere really to hold little things!

Unfortunately I always look at the clothing and come home empty handed, my goodwill just doesn't have anything that catches my eye all the clothes they carry are things clearly people don't want anymore like Macy's and Target clothes from 20+ years ago! I think next time I am going to look harder and maybe actually try some things on, sometimes looking at used clothes on a hanger doesn't look as good when it's tried on! So if I pick anything up I will be sure to show you all!

Have you found any recent thrift store finds you would like to share, link your page below and I will be sure to check it out, I love seeing what others find!

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