Monday, July 29, 2013

Creating A Gallery Wall

Step 1: Pick Your Frames

The first step I would recommend doing is choosing your frames providing you have already choosen a place you would like to set up your gallery wall. That way you know the size and about how many frames you would like to use.

Step 2: Choose your artwork

Pick things out that reflect yourself, whether that be personal pictures, magazine clippings, or your kids paintings. They don't necessarily have to be pictures either you can really frame anything of your choosing such as travel tickets, or an old love note!

Step 3: Frame your artwork

Depending on what style your going for, choosing frames that are different sizes is fun, and most of the time your artwork and pictures are going to vary in sizes! The  frames I used are all the same but different sizes, and I also mixed in a few frames that don't hold photos at all, to make it a little different!

Step 4: Make a Rough Draft

This was probably the step that took me the longest, I placed all the frames on the floor and just played around with a layout until I found one that I liked and would look pleasing to the eye on the wall! To get a general start with a layout I like to start with the bigger frame in the middle and work around that!

Step 5: Time to hang up everything

There are many ways to hang up frames so they are perfectly in the layout that you want, I probably did this the hard way but it's what worked for me. I basically took a roll of tape and outlined all the frames with tape, and then I peeled the tape off each frame and stuck it on the wall where I wanted that frame to go. When all the tape was on the wall in the outlines of the frames I then got my hammer and nails and began putting the nails in and then hung everything all the wall!

I just love the way it came out, my wall gallery is a bit traditional, I've had it this way for about a year now, I'm thinking about changing it up, so if I get around to that I will have to make an update post on what it looks like!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope this helped send me a link in the comments and I will check out your gallery wall!

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